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Tighter fabric configuration with more flexibility


Better performance for areas with less precipitation. TRAPMASTERS 1 is made for courses in moderate setting with less extreme weather. While it prevents washouts and sand contamination, its fabric characteristics keep costs to a minimum. Used in combination with our other products, TM1 makes bunker linings possible for all courses. Implementation can easily be handled by a single individual.

TRAPMASTERS XB (Extreme Bunker)


Holds sand in place even in extreme bunker situations


Less maintenance time and cost required, fewer washouts and contamination. TRAPMASTERS XB (Extreme Bunker) fabric is designed for extreme hazards that make for some of the most challenging golf courses today. The fabric does not compact under the weight of bunker sand. Our rigid open weave and heavy denier fibers hold the sand in place. You can feel and see the difference.

TRAPMASTERS MB (Moderate Bunker)


Similar to XB, but more affordable


Cost savings in areas where bunkers are less extreme. TRAPMASTERS MB competes with other premium products that attempt to emulate the characteristics of XB and fall short. If affordability is paramount but performance is absolutely required, TRAPMASTERS MB is the answer.

TRAPMASTERS SB (Shallow Bunker)

Thicker fabric composition and more compressive


More flexible for larger slightly convoluted surface areas. TRAPMASTERS SB is a thicker material than our other products and features greater fiber count. With less overall weight, it’s easier to manage over large areas but provides solid baseline performance against sand contamination and washouts.

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Now there is a way to buy premium bunker liners direct from the manufacturer. This can be a cost savings of up to 30% when compared to other premium bunker materials.


TRAPMASTERS is dedicated to providing top quality material without burdening the budget with middle-man costs. We work directly with turf distributor/contractors and golf course superintendents. 

We offer virtually the same polyester fiber and binder system as other leading providers. You buy direct.


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